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Team Jesic

Engagement and execution. Personal and pragmatic. Optimistic realists.

Damir Jesic and Lori Isaac assist mostly private owners and developers throughout Western Canada with creative financing solutions for multi-family, retail, industrial and other ancillary assets. Their synergy of independent thinking and differing yet complementary styles delivers a thorough experience for clients, from engagement to execution.

Damir is the face of the team. He is out on the road, connecting with clients in person, at their project sites, wherever they happen to be. He wants to know what clients aspire to so he can integrate their visions into how he cultivates opportunities within the context of their overall portfolios. Whether helping clients achieve organic or acquisition-focused growth or enabling their succession plans, Damir combines an infectious optimism with a truthful realism when structuring debt capital and negotiating the best financing deal.

Lori infuses the credit side with a pragmatic perspective through due diligence and process. She focuses on the details and documentation to accelerate approvals and amplify efficiency. For any deal, her goal is to ensure that “Team Jesic” delivers according to outlined expectations and timeframes. Intuitive with a problem solving mindset, Lori leverages her relationship and reputation with CMHC to execute effectively.

Together, Damir and Lori bring a unique combination of personal engagement and pragmatic execution to their long-term relationships with clients. It’s the synergy of their styles that help clients translate their goals into creative yet sound financing solutions that fuel portfolio growth and evolution.     

Damir Jesic
Damir Jesic Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing 403.261.5591
Mark Jewells
Mark Jewells Director, Commercial Financing 403.513.0203
Lori Isaac
Lori Isaac Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing 403.513.0242
Penny Aynbinder
Penny Aynbinder Analyst, Commercial Financing 403.509.0906