Government of Canada Bond Yields

Bond yields

Keep track of the rates that affect your mortgage.

Selected Benchmark Bond Yields

Period 2020-02-192020-02-202020-02-212020-02-242020-02-25
2 Year1.481.451.421.341.32
3 Year1.441.401.371.301.27
5 Year1.361.331.291.211.19
7 Year1.361.321.291.211.19
10 Year1.351.301.281.191.19
Real Return Bond - Long-Term0.

*The above yields are constantly changing and are provided for information purposes only. The stipulated yields are not binding on First National for any purpose, including, without limitation, the setting of interest rates or the calculation of any monetary amount.

This information is provided by the Bank of Canada. We do not guarantee its accuracy.