Servicing every loan we originate

Our difference:
your advisor, partner and advocate

At First National, we strive to be more than a lender to our clients. We look beyond the transaction to how we can collaborate continuously to support visions and build businesses. 

To understand your vision and know your business, we ask questions. A lot of them. We learn your property and your portfolio. Your objectives guide us. Whether you want to grow your portfolio, increase your returns, manage risk or a combination of all three, we are there to advise, guide and provide honest feedback and proven financing solutions. 

  • Approach: numbers and analysis contribute to financing decisions, but they aren’t the only determinants. Deep portfolio discovery, strategy development, defined structure, reliable process and collaboration guide how we engage with clients and provide advice.
  • Focus: it’s simple – we rely on our approach to ensure that we provide the right money, with the right people, for the right property, at the right time.
  • Specialization: our team is made up of seasoned real estate financing professionals with deep roots in the industry. Their understanding of market dynamics and trends helps to clarify complex scenarios and support educated decisions.
  • Substantiation: our work with clients does not follow templates. Real advisors do more than just finance a deal. They set real estate precedents, connect buyers and sellers, maintain a strong and diverse investor network and continuously go deeper with CMHC for the benefit of clients.