KEEPING YOU INFORMED: COVID-19 information for residential customers & commercial borrowers

Our residential call centre is experiencing higher than normal wait times.

If you are a residential customer experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and need to request a mortgage payment deferral, please submit a payment deferral request through My Mortgage or fill out our online mortgage payment deferral request form.

If you are a commercial borrower experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, please email our Payments team at

Be assured that we are committed to getting back to all of you who have contacted us.

Your patience is appreciated, and we thank you for your understanding.

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Team McAuley

Reliable resource. Authoritatively accurate. Sensible advisors.

The team of Dru McAuley and Will Hunter operate from one core foundational philosophy: if it’s commercial real estate and it makes sense, they will do everything possible to find a funding solution that benefits the borrower. Team McAuley has a stable of steady clients who have benefitted from this philosophy, and discovered much more along the way – thorough research, authoritative analysis, sensible advice and productive solutions. For Dru and Will, it is vital to speak the client’s language and consistently be a reliable resource. Committed to educating from a credible position of authority and accuracy, the team digs into information and does research that the client doesn’t often expect. They approach due diligence as if they were the borrowers themselves, advising clients from the perspective of,  “what am I trying to achieve and what is the most efficient way to get there?” Relationships are long term and evolving. It’s never just one deal. And once a deal funds, the file is still considered active. They are consistently available and work just as hard to address issues, advise clients and provide solutions about the most recent deal, real estate in general or other business matters. Fully invested in every relationship and every deal, Dru and Will make a commitment to all clients: nobody will work harder for you in generating the ideas and solutions that move your business forward.


Dru McAuley
Dru McAuley Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing 416.593.2918
William Hunter
William Hunter Analyst, Commercial Financing 416-597-3506
Peter Rajaram
Peter Rajaram Junior Analyst, Commercial Financing 416.597.5941